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I am amazed how easy it is to let the words flow when you are speaking  from a place of passion. If you haven’t noticed by now, I am not the one for small talks or very chatty. I am an introvert which doesn’t mean that I don’t have much to say, small talk though is not my forte! I am glad that Susan Cain put a word out into the world, for us introverts. At some point I did wonder how could I make myself louder making more noise, until I understood loud is not who I’m, but not being loud doesn’t mean that you can’t be passionate and it changes completely when I’m speaking from a place of passion, I can be super loud!

Going to a networking event meeting with other photographers this week was the highlight of my day. We were a mixed bunch sitting at the same table, Michael who has been working on a project featuring the First World War Battle Fields for the last 7 years, Nayna who very sheepishly said she is an amateur photographer until we realised that she had 103K!!! followers on Instagram, Philip a commercial photographer and Natalie who set up her business 8 years ago working strong in the corporate business with headshots.

We had this wonderful conversation about analogue photography (photography using the process of film). Adam explained that film photography was all about nostalgia which I tend to disagree with. What I enjoy in using film is the process, as I much as I used to love baking sourdough bread (before I discovered gluten was not for me!) because it takes about 2 days to refresh the wild yeast, make a leaven and bake the bread. 

I love the slowness in the process which makes you think and tends to make you focus on each image before pressing the shutter, as much as in sourdough bread baking.

We talked, discussed until Philip said, I give up, I could not believe it! I usually never win arguments because I can’t be bothered going on and on but the fact that I was so passionate about my subject, the counter arguments to make my points where just flowing naturally. I did not have to think, I was not scared to speak out, concerned if I would be stupid, no this was just 100% in line with who I’m. Despite being an introvert, passion is my value and does transform anything where I put passion in and photography is a big one.

Everyone seems to use the word passion these days, my point is to make you realise that passion will push you out of your confort zone, make you do things that you never thought possible.

Have you found your place of passion? It might take some time to acknowledge that you have a passion and even if you deny so, you might just be too scared to acknowledge it, or realising that you are not on the right path, might shake up your world and make you take risks.

The risks are well worth taking, find a way to fuel your passion, it does not mean packing your bags and move down South tomorrow, you can take it step by step, the idea is to give your passion some space into your life.

The more you will acknowledge that there is space for it, the more it will become prominent, pushing you forward, assessing your life with a different outlook and encourage you to follow your own truth.

What is your passion? How did you find it?


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