Make September your most productive month

September! Are you dreading or loving it? I have quite mixed feelings about it and always have trouble getting my mind back to work after a long break, and this time, I did take an extended break trying to make it a digital detox. Did I succeed? Kind off, although it felt bizarre giving up my Facebook and Instagram apps bizarre indeed! It tells you how much we are hooked on our phones, oh dear!

Why not make the most of the gathered summer energy to make September your most productive month.  I hope you had a great time away and made the most of your summer holidays to create great visual content. I’m back from a few days exploring Spain and Tangiers. It was short and sweet but gave me the desire to explore Spain and Morocco more.

Are you feeling fresh, reinvigorated, managed to take a break from sitting in front of a screen. Let’s plan your next six months before you experience the daylight saving slump end of October.

If you’re this side of the Northern hemisphere, it makes sense to set new intentions and goals in September, after a well-deserved summer break. I know all too well how we sometimes don’t feel like going back to work after a long break. If you can’t face the idea of sitting at your desk? Keep focused; the year isn’t over yet.

Remember your goals from the beginning of the year, did you keep track of these? I’m no better! I bought a beautiful notebook to set my goals for 2019, how many times did I look at it?

Being your boss, though doesn’t mean non-accountable and no targets to reach. Are you on course? If you’re very off-track don’t give up, focus on the last term of 2019 to transform it into a successful year, it’s not too late!

Here are some ideas to make September your most productive month:

Focus on the where, why, how, what

  • Where are you going to focus your efforts on? Think in terms of revenues, where do you have the most chance to get money from? I know you creatives! You might enjoy focusing on developing a new design, another logo, subscribing to an another course? Keep these activities for the end of the year or when you reach a quieter period, these are times to sign up for classer or better your skills.

  • Where –Seek new opportunities, ok you’ve tried a few things beginning of this year, joined network groups, posts weekly on your blog, created Facebook ads, where did you get the most traction from? Write your results down and focus on the most successful activities

  • Why – Get into your numbers and look for shortfall why did some of your blog post, marketing campaign underperform? What were your most successful blog posts and promotions? Plan for more content on the same theme and features.

  • How -If you haven’t created an opt-in yet, now is the time, adding people to your list should be priority number one, you already have an opt-in? Then look into offering one-page content upgrades with your blog posts or create a resources library on your website.

  • What– Stream your accounts, you hear me right, take control of your finances, get ready now for when your taxes return is due ( If you like me, hate this task find yourself a very knowledgeable accountant, and use an accounting cloud software i.e Zoho which ties into your CRM).

  • Why – Start saving for that dream workshop/ conference you would like to join in 2020.

  • What – Plan your visual content for the next 3 months with the images you took while being on holidays, see the post on creating visual content during your holidays for ideas.

Do share your ideas about what works best for you when planning ahead.

Rachel xx


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