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How to build emotional connection for your brand and build customer loyalty

July 8, 2019 | Branding, Clients Case Studies, Visual Content

In these days of wanting to rush your business, thinking of constantly promoting yourself, chasing every marketing opportunity you might have forgotten the most important, creating an emotional connection with your audience to build customer loyalty. How do you do that?

What stands you out from your competition is showing the human side of your brand, who is the person that makes it unique, it’s YOU. Your team if you work with one, your process, the craftsmanship, the client experience all these steps make your brand more authentic and relatable. By sharing the stories of what’s going on behind the scenes, why this business is so dear to you, how you care about your products, services you’re already standing miles ahead from another company who’s not in touch with their human side, so make the most of it and tell about it, share it, show it!

How to build an emotional connection for your brand

I have a great case study for you, I recently worked with a bridal designer, based in London, she designs, and custom creates bridal gowns for her brides. She has them coming into the studio to choose the design; they then have a calico fitting to ensure their wedding dress is cut and fitted to perfection.

Kate Edmondson bridal couture only chooses the best fabrics and materials for her clients, there’s a lot of attention to details and craftsmanship that goes in her process, and that was key for Kate to show. We worked together on the creative direction of her behind the scenes shot. Here are some examples of her photoshoot.

Keep it personal

Share your name, if you work with a team feature them at work, have them sign off their work with their name. How would you feel buying a dress that is signed off, “This dress was proudly made for you by Myriam”, you would feel involved in the process may be thinking a bit more where you’re buying from and how you can make a difference to a small business by being part of their growth.

Don’t be afraid to show yourself and what’s going on behind the scenes.

It doesn’t mean that you have to share your private life or show where you get your materials from or your secret trade. It’s more about inviting your customers on a journey with your brand, making them part of it, part of the process and show how much you care for them, how much love goes into serving them and I’m sure you have a lot to tell about it. Don’t assume that everybody knows what you do and how you do it, make it clear, shout out about it, create clarity around the message you want to put out there and share your beautiful story.

What makes your brand unique? Share in the comments

PS. Need help about what to stay in your visual story telling or creating a whole story?




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