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Ever thought of changing direction in your business?

October 7, 2019 | Business Coaching, Marketing

5 steps to guide you

Here are the steps I took to change direction in my business

2019 has been a revealing year for me. While I’ve extended my photographic knowledge moved towards a more commercial direction with the ELEGANT BRAND.

The type of brands I wanted to work become clearer for me and also what would help me get there. There’s no secret that I tried to be a wedding photographer although I didn’t give it much persistence.

If I started as an assistant, then as a second shooter, the experience I had were somewhat disappointing. I quickly realised that I was not working with my ideal clients and gave up.

What I loved the world of weddings but not necessarily photographing them. Do you get me on this one? Yeah, I love the fashion, the locations, the bride, the groom but not so focused on the wedding itself. I’m looking to tell a story, inspire a bride of how she wants to look and feel on her wedding day, showcasing a beautiful gown that she can imagine herself in.

My dream what to shoot bridal fashion! I had a quick look at my portfolio, and there wasn’t much there. What are the steps that I took to shift the direction of my brand? My vision is to become the photographer to go to for bridal fashion.

  1. Build up credibility. When working with B to B clients they are investing a lot of money by hiring you; they want to make sure that you can deliver. How can you prove that? If you are a creative, your portfolio will be your first port of call, showing that you have already done similar work. 
  2. No clients yet? Collaborate. I am not encouraging you to work for free but collaborating can be a significant step forward. Make sure it works for both parties and is in line with the clients you are trying to attract. Someone might contact you to work on a shoot or design, but their brand is not a good fit for what you’re are trying to achieve, just say no. The best is do your research look for designers, creatives you would like to collaborate with. Get in touch with your ideas, invite them for coffee to build a relationship. This way, you will have much more control about the outcome you want to get rather than having someone deciding for you. If you are a good fit for the other brand, they will be happy working with you.
  3. Promote your new work to your target market, if there is an opportunity, get published, build a relationship with more brands you would like to work with. 
  4. Go niche, ok you’ve decided to move direction for your business, but you also have all the work you’ve previously done, what do you do with it. Clarity is key; my dear friend a confused audience will always say no. I understand that you might want to continue working with your usual clients until you make a consistent income from your new direction don’t show it on your website or shout about it on social media. You want your focus to be on the new niche.
  5. Will it work? Nothing is guaranteed, don’t be shy and share your journey, your audience loves a good story. It’s what I will continue doing sharing my journey into serving wedding gown designers with bridal fashion.

Have you recently shifted direction in your business, please share your insights? I am sure you have some useful tips to share!




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