10 Ways to fix your creative block

As entrepreneurs, there’s often a lot of demand on us to fill various roles. We have to be strategic, professional, organised, and most importantly of all, creative. When it comes to desirable skill sets, rated highest is almost always creativity.

When we feel creative, we have great ideas to drive our business forward, we feel energetic, motivated and inspired to make a change. When that creativity is lacking though, it can be a real struggle. Regardless of whether you’re in a creative industry or not, we all need to think creatively daily, but a creative block is very much a real thing, and can make things really difficult.

Read on to discover 10 ways to fix your creative block…

1. Look outside of your industry

When we are focusing on a problem, it can be all too easy to feel blocked and concentrate on that one issue. Try looking at other industries or sources of inspiration. Fashion, art, music, photography, writing and design can all offer a new perspective.

2. Reach out

It’s all too easy to get inside your head too much sometimes, mulling things over, with the same thoughts going round and round. A new perspective can work wonders, so try surrounding yourself with positive and inspiring people whenever you can.

3. Prioritise

When you’re feeling bogged down and can’t see a way to move forward, the answer could be as simple as writing a list of priorities and starting with number one.

4. Create inspiring surroundings

If you work in a room with white walls, a basic desk and little in the way of personal items, it’s pretty clear why you might be suffering from a creative block. Create a workspace that inspires you, add your personality, photos, art work and inspiring quotes.

5. Bring the outside in

It’s amazing how much fresher and inspired greenery and nature can make us feel. Add a few potted plants to your work space, or make a point of investing in a bunch of flowers at the start of each week.

6. Get comfy

If your chair isn’t cutting it, it’s time to upgrade. Being uncomfortable while you are working can be seriously distracting. Find a chair that you feel comfortable in, to help you stay focused.

7. Change your surroundings

Sometimes taking a break when you’re trying to crack something super challenging can seem counter productive, but often it’s exactly what we need. If you’ve been stuck on the same thing for more than half an hour take a break. Grab a coffee and go for a walk, or sit quietly and observe the world around you in your nearest park.

8. Try something new

It’s so easy to get stuck in a rut, but doing the same things over and over can be a real creativity killer. Try something new to get your ideas flowing again, such as a workshop or class.

9. Take a digital detox

Social media can also seriously slow your creative spirit. At times when you’re struggling with a creative block, take a digital detox. Even if it’s just for an evening or a day, you’ll wake up feeling much brighter.

10. Learn what works for you

We are all different, and creativity is an incredibly unique thing from person to person. When you lack in creativity, figure out what works for you. It could be sitting quietly and listening to music, painting or creating mood boards, or simply just taking a break.

A creative block can be incredibly frustrating, and a real productivity killer. When you’re in the midst of a creative block, stop, stand back, and do what you need to do to get back on track.

How do you tackle your creative block? Share your ideas!


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