100 Business ideas for your business

Stuck for ideas about how to promote your business, what to do next, struggling to get clients, here are 100 ideas for you to get you going and help you boost your business.

1. Get people on your mailing list

Your mailing list should be your number one focus and your best asset for conversions.

2. Create an opt-in

Before people buy from you they need to trust and like you. Serve them first.

3. Promote your opt-in

With facebook ads, share on Pinterest and Instagram.

Use facebook ads to get people signing up to your list before you start selling anything.

4. Write a blog

Post regular content on your website, serve your audience with useful content.

5. Send out a regular newsletter

Keep in touch with your audience.

6. Carry business cards

You never know who you might meet that day.

7. Pitch yourself to brands you would like to work with

Don’t wait for these dream brands to knock on your door, show them your work and how you can be of help.

8. Collaborate

Find brands you would like to collaborate with and get more relevant work in your portfolio.

9. Extend your reach, guest blog post, get invited on podcasts

Reach new audience.

10. Offer a free consultation

Give prospective clients the opportunity to speak to you first to develop that trust factor.

10. Offer a mini version of your services to give a taster to prospective clients

If your service start at a high end range create a sales funnel with lower priced products and services.

11. Find a niche

Look out for specific market that you could help.

12. Survey your existing clients

Existing clients have all the information you’re after they might even give you new ideas for services and products to sell.

13. Use LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the social network for business to business make the most of it.

14. Get testimonials

Testimonials are your number one social proof. Invite your existing clients to review your services on google review, facebook, your website, share them on Instagram and Twitter.

15. Add Internal links to your blog posts

Make people stay on your site longer, invite them to navigate to different pages by using internal links on your blog when referring to specific content.

16. Use an email signature

Just to remind the receiver about what you do and how they connected with you.

17. Get involved with a charity

Give a percentage of your sales towards a specific charity, sponsor an event.

18. Give away

Organise a give away for one of your services and/or products, make sure you get people on your list and focus on a relevant audience.

19. Create an e-brochure

Have a PDF ready to send out to prospective client, make it compelling and easy to browse like a magazine,

20. Offer more for a limited periods

Instead of giving a discount, create bundle for your services add extras, give value for money.

21. Use traditional mailers

Nothing stops you from creating beautiful postcards to pitch yourself to the brands/client you would love to work with, don’t forget to follow up.

22. Become an expert in your field

Get invited to speak on TV, in the media, to stand out as an authority.

23. Write for a magazine or newspaper

Pitch your article ideas to magazines and newspapers.

24. Create a media kit

Make the most of your audience on social media and send it out when pitching magazines, newspapers and brands you would like to work with.

25. Add interaction on your website

Like a live chat, be sure that someone replies at the other end.

26. Teach your expertise

Organise workshops based on your expertise.

27. Write an e-book

Another way to stand out as an expert is to write about your expertise, start with an ebook first. Survey your audience, go through your blog post and write that e-book if you have enough content sell it, use it as your lowest entry funnel price point and promote it.

28. Keep your SEO in order

Make your website and content searchable, for the right audience.

29. Use social media

Choose the most relevant platform for your audience.

30. Is Pinterest right for you?

Pinterest is not a social media platform but a search engine, pin regularly, share your opt-ins to have people navigating to your site.

31. Get your pricing right

Too cheap or too expensive and you will loose out. Make sure that your costs are covered and do some research.

32. Send Thank You Note

Tend to forget about clients once the sale is down, keep in touch send a thank you note.

33. Reward repeat business

Your existing clients are the ones that are the most likely returning for business, have a referral and rewards system in place.

34. Show yourself

You are the face of the brand, people buy people make sure to show your face!

35. Fine tune your about page

Your ‘about page’, is the one of the most visited on your website, fine tune, speak directly to your ideal client, remember it’s not about you but who you’re serving and how.

36. Invest in Credibility

Join professional bodies, enter awards and competitions.

37. Offer a money back guarantee

Refund people which are not satisfied with your products and services.

38. Have excellent customer service

In service there’s the verb serve, make sure you give your client an amazing experience.

39. Go out networking.

Stop hiding behind your desk and get moving, join networking events and start building relationships

40. Check all your links on your website

One thing you want to avoid is the dreaded 404 page! Not a great first impression

41. Get your answer phone

Test your message and get back in touch 24h business hours. Replace I am not available by please visit my website for more details. Encourage the call to contact you by other means.

42. Join a trade show

If this is relevant for your business, set up a stand and start talking to prospective clients.

43. Ignore the competition

The dreaded competition forget about it, you are a personal brand, there’s only one like you, focus on what makes you unique.

44. Get on google my business

If you have a local business, get found on google for prospective clients near you.

45. Use facebook ads

Facebook ads can be very powerful, don’t sell but invite your prospective audience to connect with you by inviting them to join your list with an opt-in.

46. Get on facebook live

Here’s the expert who’s asking you to go live on facebook and who still hasn’t managed to face the fear of going live!! To do it any way. Be reassured I am working on it. Facebook live will be shown first and a great way to engage your audience.

47. Create a facebook group

Have a dedicated audience and create a group where you can serve your audience and learn from them.

48. Create Insta Stories

Insta stories are 15s video that will help your engagement on Instagram, they don’t have to be as polished as your instagram feed and are a great way to engage and show the behind the scenes.

49. Start a magazine

If you have the time and love the idea why not start your own magazine, related to your industry, give opportunities to write to influencers and brands you would like to collaborate with.

50. Take Part in Conferences

Show your expertise become a public speaker and take part in conferences.

51. Nurture Clients’ relationships

I guess you’ve heard of low hanging fruit expression, keep in touch with your existing clients, send them special offers, remind them of what you do.

52. Have Processes in place

Has a solo entrepreneur it’s key that you have your business organised, have client on-boarding process in place, workflows, task lists, follow up.

53. Get help

Hate doing taxes, get an accountant, hire a PA who can help you distribute your blog posts and content on social media. Focus on what you can do best!

55. Start a podcast

Podcasts are all the rage right now, blogging might not be your thing, have you tried podcasting? As with every marketing promotion, stay consistent.

56. Create checklists

Quick an easy opt-ins ideas, create check lists that your audience can download and help them solve a problem.

57. Host a monthly training

Solve a specific problem, invite your ideal audience to take part, show your expertise and develop the know, like and trust factor.

58. Offer Packages Deals

As a solo business you want to avoid charging by the hour and create an appalling package that helps your audience solve the problem they’re facing. Give details and how booking a package will save them money at the end.

59. Have an easy to navigate website

Is it time to tweak you website, make sure it’s easy to navigate, not overcrowded, keep it simple and pleasing to the eyes. (read more on the subject here).

60. Have a call to action on every page of your website.

Don’t just let your audience wondering what’s next, tell them what to do next.

61. Send exclusive deals to your mailing list.

Make them feel special they made the effort of joining your list reward them.

62. Use your personal contacts to get more work

Do the people around you know what you do? Ask for recommendations.

63. Do something different
Stuck in the same routine it’s time to shake it up a bit, look at your latest sales, research the market, look for new opportunities among your existing clients.

64. Follow up leads

Are you leaving your leads lost in your mailbox. Have a system in place to get back to prospective clients in less than 24 business hours!

65. Don’t be afraid to work for free

No one likes the work free, it’s not free really think more of a collaboration, want to attract a specific audience but lacking work in your portfolio or testimonials, target the people that you want in your portfolio and/or testimonials and offer to collaborate. Make sure you enter a win-win relationship you both something specific out of it.

66. Build a distinctive brand

As a personal brand you want to stand out with what makes your brand unique, fine tune that brand story and message. Get your brand working for you, get back to basics and build an amazing brand with the “How to create a distinctive brand” ebook here.

67. Invite your existing clients to a special gathering

Working from a studio? Brick and mortar shop, invite your existing and prospective clients for a special gathering ask them to bring friends and people that might be interested to meet you.

68. Sell yourself

Think of selling as being of service, you’re the face of the business people are buying you.

69. Ask for the sale

Learn to close the sales, with each prospective clients, free consultation, close the conversation by asking for the sale and then stop talking until you get an answer.

70. Learn to listen

Stay focused on listening in every conversation you have clients, make sure you understand why they’re coming to you and then offer a solutions by using some their words.

71. Ask for feedback

Create a feedback form to send out to your client after you’ve worked with them. Learn from what they saying to you and improve.

72. Use hashtags and keywords on Pinterest

Pinterest is a search engine s make sure people can find you by researching relevant keywords.

73. Go where your customers are

Where is your ideal audience hanging out? Yoga studio, specific boutique, be shown in these places, organise events, collaborate, write for their newsletter.

74. Publish great content

We live in a world of content marketing, deliver great content that serves your audience on a regular basis.

75. Be consistent with your branding

Having a consistent brand, means you know what you do and you’re an expert at it.

74. Create a style guide for your brand

That will help you stay consistent and on brand with everything you put out there. (learn more about creating your style guide here)

75. Create visual content that tells a story

Put more effort in your images. Tell a story, work out themes to share consistently on your social medias image posts.

76. Art Direct your brand

Think like a creative director and create a visually powerful brand.

77. Chase engagement instead of likes

We all want more likes on our social media account what you want is more engagement.

78. Invite your audience to engage with you.

Post images that tell a story, write engaging captions, ask questions

79. Survey your audience

Use every opportunity to survey your audience, ask them what they would love to hear from you?

80. Write an ebook

Survey your audience, go through your blog post and write that e-book if you have enough content sell it, use it as your lowest entry funnel price point and promote it.

81. Create a workshop

Organising a workshop for new and existing clients will promote you as an expert in your field. Make this opportunity to get referral, promote your expertise via PR, get invited for public speaking

82. Become a public speaker

Be part of a conference, start public speaking, public speaking will set you on a stratospheric trajectory, standing out as an expert.

83. Educate your audience with a webinar

Invite your audience to take part in a webinar, educate them, teach something of value and get them to sign up for your list.

84. Create an online course or programme

Creating a course or a programme is not for the faint hearted, it will involve a lot of work. Before you consider writing your course, you need to develop an audience first, focus on that before you sell anything!

85. Explore new ideas outside your niche

This doesn’t mean extending your niche, it’s more about looking for new ideas outside your niche you know that accountant? That you’re avoiding at the network meeting? Speak to him next time he might have some great ideas to share for your business.

86 Use a day to focus only on marketing and pitching yourself.

Use a day in the week, only to promote yourself, aim to reach at least 5-10 new people that day, it could be working on guest blogging submissions, pitching yourself with your portfolio, cold calling, contacting new prospect.

87. Make the most of SEO

SEO is still make sure you website is up to date with SEO, and focus on the right keywords for your niche.

88. Follow your progress on Google analytics

If you’re putting all these strategies in place, check your numbers on google analytics and your sales progress to find what is working the best for you

89. Get a new website design.

When did you last change your website design? Does it looked cramped, too many words no enough picture of you and what you do? Get help from a designer and have a revamp nothing says more dated than a website that looks stuck in the 1980s.

90. Have an email welcome sequence

For every new subscriber to your email list you want to start a new relationship with them, use a sequence of 2-3 welcome emails to introduce yourself, remind them what you’re doing and how you will help them.

91. Look at your operating costs?

Where can you reduce your operating cost to improve your profit? Where does most of your money go? Is is making the ship go faster or just a distraction?

92. Hire a great accountant

I know speaking of taxes, cash-flow, profit is not the most exciting topic, but its’ the basic of your business, and the difference between having an expensive hobby and a business!

93. Start a morning routine

As an entrepreneur we tend to forget to put ourselves first. Start a morning routine to dedicate time just for yourself first thing in the morning, give yourself space to be more creative.

94. Charge for the value of what you deliver and not the cost

As a small business we often think in terms of costs rather than value, change your mindset and consider the value of what you deliver instead of adding the costs.

95. Write your elevator pitch

Can you deliver the benefits of what you do, for whom in a few seconds to make an impact? Practice that elevator pitch.

96. Advertise on Instagram

Is Instagram a main stream social media in your business, then consider promoting your business or product on Instagram and Insta stories

97. Use A/B testing for your email campaigns

Test the efficacy of your campaigns, by using A/B testing but only change one element at a time. i.e use a different title or use a different time to schedule your campaign.

98. Use a CRM

Investing in a customer relationship management system might be a great investment to keep on top of your leads, and set some task to automations.

99. Set-up separate bank accounts for put money aside for your taxes

Set money aside for your taxes, profit, compensation on a separate bank account, allocate between 10-20% of your revenue to this account on each sale. Read more about setting profit first here

100. Don’t forget to take a holiday

Being an entrepreneur is like working weekends with no holidays. Give yourself some time off and enjoy time away from your desk, you will come back refreshed with new ideas.

Any ideas that you’ve put into place that you would like to share, please do so in the comments


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